Fever Screening Thermal Solutions

As we begin to see some normality returning to our world the big discussion for UK businesses, large and small, is how to get back to work after Covid-19 lockdown.

Protecting your employees has to be top of the list of concerns for you, but maintaining coronavirus free buildings is essential to protect everyone: customers, visitors, other service providers, etc.

However, if you are responsible for anything requiring the presence and/or movement of large numbers of people then the scale of your operation presents some major challenges in finding a solution.

Your best option at the moment could well be thermal imaging. This has emerged as a key technology during this global crisis with demand increasing significantly and new developments extending the use of existing tools and solutions. Thermal imaging cameras that can detect potential fevers from a distance by measuring body temperature have seen a surge in demand.

How Does Thermal Screening and Temperature Detecting Technology Work?

Thermal cameras can’t identify people that have a fever. They identify elevated body temperature which can indicate the presence of a fever; which is often a symptom of a virus.

Hikvision is our preferred equipment supplier for most of our security camera installations, and they also provide world-class thermal technology detection systems.

A Hikvision temperature screening solution is designed to detect skin-surface temperatures in a fast and safe way in situations where many people are entering a building or public area. The use of technology rather than extra people to manage these situations is essential to prevent bottlenecks and delays.


Why choose Hikvision advanced fever screening solution for your operation?

Efficiency: To cope with people moving at different speeds, individually or in a group, a solution must be fast and efficient to take readings, display results and raise alerts when appropriate.

Safety: Thermal cameras are much safer as they use non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact

Accuracy: The use of AI greatly reduces the number of false alarms to provide greater confidence in the results.

Several Hikvision technologies are available to form solutions to meet a range of requirements in different environments, e.g. offices, schools, hospitals, factories, railway stations and airports:

      * Temporary setups for group screening with wireless connectivity if needed
      * Permanent doorway walkthrough solutions
      * Temperature screening integrated with access control
      * Handheld portable screening equipment
      * Combined temperature screening and mask detection
      * Data management for reporting and visualisation

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