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A fire alarm system forms the foundation of your fire protection solution so it needs to be well-designed and installed. There are many factors to consider and each specific situation needs its own unique combination of technology and appropriate design that works within your budget.

If you have a fire alarm installed already, we can carry out an audit and recommend options to upgrade and enhance what you have, as well as provide support and maintenance.

Our core services are: fire alarm Installation, maintenance and monitoring plus fire brigade response, fire extinguisher supply and service, fire doors and fire stopping. Find more information on these below.

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fire alarm installation

A good alarm can prevent a small fire becoming a disaster. Your fire alarm installation and any upgrades will be driven by legislation, your buildings, your activities and your fire risk assessments.

fire alarm monitoring

If your building is unattended outside working hours what happens if your fire alarm goes off? A fire alarm system with a monitoring service will ensure the fire brigade is alerted via an alarm receiving centre if needed. 


fire extinguishers

It is vital that fire extinguishers are the right type, in the right locations and in full working order in case they are needed in the event of a fire. This is why annual servicing by a qualified engineer is needed to meet current legislation.


fire doors

Like fire stopping, fire doors are essential to delay the spread of fire around a building; but also to be functional, allowing the day-to-day movement of people yet provide a means of escape in the event of a fire.

fire alarm maintenance

To retain BS 5839 compliance the recommended period between regular scheduled maintenance visits should not exceed six months. Having a maintenance contract in place makes this easier to manage.


fire risk assessments

A fire risk assessment identifies the fire hazards and people at risk; then evaluates, removes or reduces those risks. All findings are recorded, an emergency plan prepared and training delivered. Risk assessments must be reviewed and updated regularly.


fire stopping

Fire stopping is a requirement of UK Building Regulations and forms a key component of passive fire protection systems. Openings and gaps around joints and pipes in walls, floors and ceilings must be sealed to inhibit the spread of fire and smoke around buildings.

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RElated Services

Your fire protection system is only one element of a complete fire and security solution. For full protection of your people, property and assets you could invest in some of our other services presented below.

Deter criminals, provide evidence in prosecutions, protect your employees, protect your customers, protect your stock, enable 24/7 monitoring, create a safer working environment as health & safety can be monitored and integrate with your fire and security systems to provide a complete solution. That is what CCTV can offer.

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Intruder alarms, installation and maintenance, door entry systems, intercoms, access control systems, gate and barrier systems and false alarm management are all aspects of a complete security solution that we can provide for you.

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Electrical services are often used and managed in conjunction with fire and security services. Many premises will need emergency lighting as part of the fire protection strategy, and fixed electrical testing and portable appliance testing are required by law to minimize the risk of electrical failures that could cause fires. We provide these services too.

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