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Protecting your property, people and assets 24/7 can be a challenge as there are many issues to consider and a huge range of options and suppliers to choose from.

BJC Fire and Security are NSI Gold approved which means our work is quality assured and meets the highest standards in the UK security and fire protection industry. The products and solutions we install use the best technologies and products available today to fit your budget.

Whether you need a new installation or someone to take over your existing security system, we will complete a full audit and site survey before discussing your requirements to propose a solution that is right for you, i.e. giving you the level of protection you need now built on a platform that can be supported, and extended should your needs change in the future.

To discuss your requirements, or any other related fire and security services, please call on 01438 722900 or fill in the contact form below.

intruder alarm installation

An intruder alarm system is the most common security purchase and forms the foundation for all good security systems, as it provides protection when your home or business is unattended. Large or small, simple or complex, a well-designed alarm system is crucial.

intruder alarm monitoring

Intruder alarm monitoring is essential to have 24/7 protection and an appropriate type of response, i.e. to notify you only, or to notify you plus alert a third-party security firm and/or the police to visit the premises urgently.

door entry systems

Door entry systems vary depending upon the type of building and the scale and range of activities taking place. Whether for home or business, all of our audio, video, local or remote door entry solutions are NSI compliant and can be integrated with other security systems.

intruder alarm maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance and prompt repair of failed components by qualified engineers is critical to keep your intruder alarm system working correctly, compliant with relevant legislation and in line with the terms of insurance policies.

access control

When you need to know who is in the building and control where they can go and what resources they can use, you need an access control system. Especially if you routinely have a mix of employees, customers and contractors on site.

gate access control

Securing the perimeter of your property is often the first line of defense, so a gate access control system is very important for some customers. The type of gate, how it is opened and how it links with other parts of your security system can be designed for your specific situation.

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RElated Services

For full protection of your people, property and assets please have a look at some of our other services introduced below.

Electrical services are often used and managed in conjunction with fire and security services. Many premises will need emergency lighting as part of the fire protection strategy, and fixed electrical testing and portable appliance testing are required by law to minimize the risk of electrical failures that could cause fires. We provide these services too.

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Fire alarms, installation and maintenance, fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire stopping and fire risk assessments are all key components of a fire protection solution. We can design, install and maintain all aspects of these systems for you.

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Deter criminals, provide evidence in prosecutions, protect your employees, protect your customers, protect your stock, enable 24/7 monitoring, create a safer working environment as health & safety can be monitored and integrate with your fire and security systems to provide a complete solution. That is what CCTV can offer.

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